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Award winning author Sharon Winters invites you to enjoy her complete catalog of publications. From kids books to her memoir, fiction and nonfiction, Sharon captivates readers of all ages and interests. You will find topics you never knew you were looking for. Her publications truly have something for everyone. As you turn the pages, Sharon’s stories will touch your heart, entertain, and educate. So dive in, and fall in love with all of Sharon Winters’ books. And keep your eye out for new books on the way!

A Quilt For Charley

Charley is an older dog whose life has been hard. His life becomes even harder after he is found wandering in a park and taken to the Maricopa County dog shelter. Find out what the future holds for Charley in this heart felt true story.

Karl's Diary: It's A Dog's Life

A kind-hearted man brings the lost dog to a rescue facility. Sadly, no one chooses to adopt the stray, whose desperate wish is for a family to love and cherish him. Follow Karl’s life in this memoir told from Karl’s perspective. 

Runtie the Desert Rat

Leilani is a desert rat who wonders if she’ll ever grow as big as her older brothers and sisters. She wants to be able to run as fast as they do and find as many seeds as they can. But what can Leilani do to change her size? Find out in this lovely children’s picture book!

Cutted Chicken in Shanghai

An American woman, Sharon Winters, shares her memoir as she takes a cultural fling into China and finds humorous and engaging adventures around every corner as her Shanghai driver tries to keep her out of trouble.