Cutted Chicken in Shanghai

Cutted Chicken in Shanghai

An American woman takes a cultural fling into China and finds humorous and engaging adventures as her Shanghai driver tries to keep her out of trouble in a land she struggles to understand, and her Chinese friends become as unforgettable to her as the China she comes to love. From supermarkets to restaurants, and her driver who doesn’t speak English, every aspect of her daily life contains a challenge. In this award winning memoir, Cutted Chicken in Shanghai, we join Sharon as she interacts with Chinese people and uncovers similarities. Her quick wit, humor, and open heart endear her to those she meets. Interspersed with snapshots from her past, this book is an opening into the ancient kingdom where there is something deeply familiar at its core.

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Readers Are Captivated By Cutted Chicken in Shanghai!


“Captivating Insight Into The Thrill Of Living In Shanghai. I lived in Shanghai during the time this book was written, namely 1997, and enjoyed many of the same joys and frustrations as my friend, Sharon. I learned to use public transportation both in the city and in the surrounding countryside. I also only learned the most rudimentary Chinese so my experience was excitingly different.

Sharon truly captures the spirit of daily living in a Communist country and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. We were world travelers ourselves, but this was a fascinating and baffling culture for us to negotiate. Sharon brilliantly opens door for you to peek behind the curtain to share our grand adventure.

Her tales of daily life reminded me of many forays into shopping in the Antique Market and all the market streets in which all the vendors sold the same thing; fabric street, fish and reptile market, hardware street, flower market, etc. Once the local shoppers came to recognize you as a regular at the neighborhood produce shop, they would berate the vendor if he did not give you a good price. Then there were the trips to Suzhou to the pearl market where we honed our bartering skills to a fine point. Sharon’s stories are captivating and will give you a fantastic insight into the thrill of living in this special place.”

- Marcia Hatfield


“Both Humorous and Insightful.If you have neither the resources nor interest in living in China for two years, Sharon Winter’s “Cutted Chicken in Shanghai”, is the next best thing. Both humorous and insightful, you will enjoy Winter’s adventures learning the difficult Chinese language, binge shopping and the death defying feat of trying to cross the crowded, chaotic streets of this megapolis. As I read, I kept finding myself jotting down “LOL” in the margins. I’m talking belly laughs. Think “Seinfeld’ with chopsticks. The characters come to life with Winter’s obvious fondness for her new friends as she contends with the customs and foibles of this unique experience and the resulting culture shock that ensues. You will really enjoy this book. I did.”

- Chuck Lucas


“Just the Laugh I Needed! Living off and on in Shanghai for this next year I have already encountered many of the charming and exasperating experiences Sharon Winters writes about. I applaud her tenacity (and brilliance) to learn the language which no doubt brought her closer to the wonderful Chinese people of Shanghai. Her writing and wit are so entertaining you don’t have to leave your living room chair or even like Chinese food to enjoy this fabulous memoir.”

- Kimberlee Esselstrom


“Delightful Writing Style With Humor. The author has a wicked sense of humor. (She blames it on the Rascal on her shoulder.)

I became interested in the book when I read an excerpt in a newsletter. I was still laughing an hour later.

My favorite parts:
– Her interaction with the driver
– Her interactions with shop keepers. (She spent a lot of time shopping)
– Her interactions with food
– Her sense of humor
– Her writing style

I could hardly wait to finish the book. It was so engrossing.

I obtained a copy directly from the author.

Now I will loan it to a neighbor who is interested in reading it.”

- Keith Kendall