A Quilt For Charley

A Quilt For Charley

Based on a True Story

Charley is an older dog whose life has been hard. His life becomes even harder after he is found wandering in a park and taken to the Maricopa County dog shelter. He watches as younger dogs come in and are quickly adopted. Why hasn’t his family come for him? Why doesn’t anyone want him? Will he spend the rest of his life in a small kennel with no one to love him?

Then one night, Charley has a dream where a mysterious-looking dog with golden eyes appears. He tells Charley his hard life is over, and he is going to a forever home where his life will be better than anything he could ever imagine.

When Charley wakes up, he wonders, could this dream be true? As he is led out from his kennel to meet the man and woman who have asked to see him, he is hopeful. What does his future hold . . .

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“A shy older dog with a big scar on his forehead winds up in a shelter. He doesn’t know why he was abandoned by his family, but he is now afraid to trust anyone else. Then, one night he has a dream, and in it, a dog with golden eyes tells him that he has been chosen to go to a special forever home. His new mommy and daddy will show up the next day, and all Charley has to do is show them all the love in his heart. So Charley does, and sure enough, the new people take him home. On his first night with his new family, he sees a quilt that he wants to put on his bed, but he is told this quilt is not for him. He is sad but accepts this. Still, he often thinks of the soft quilt. Soon his new family sends him off to a special training camp, where he learns how to become a service dog for his mommy. He now has an important job, and when he gets home, a surprise is waiting just for him.

A Quilt for Charley is a beautifully written children’s book and is based on a true story. Author Sharon Winters shares Charley’s story with readers, and Toby Mikle illustrates the story with whimsical drawings that will leave readers of all ages smiling. This picture book teaches children that just because an animal is older or does not look perfect does not mean they have no value or do not deserve love and a home. Charley was older and had a scar on his face, but his heart and willingness to work made him the perfect dog for the couple in this story.

Children and adults will enjoy the picture book A Quilt for Charley with its heartwarming story that leaves you with a feeling of hope. Charley’s story has a happy ending, and with books like this to spread the message of adopting from a shelter and giving older dogs a second chance, more animals will have the opportunity to live the good life with a family that loves them, just like Charley.”

- Thomas Anderson, Editor In Chief
Literary Titan


“ ‘A Quilt for Charley’ by Sharon Winters is one of those feel-good books that any reader of any age will enjoy…I had no problem falling in love with Charley and his story. I know children will love it just as much, too. Well done!”

- Diana Coyle for Reader Views


“Wonderful Book. This is a very sweet book.children will love it..shows compassion for animals and the love they can bring”

- Mare


“Engaging Dog Story; Fun To Read Aloud. This book was a gift from the author at an event where I was actually able to meet Charley, and hear about his background and new life as a rescue dog. What a dear and engaging dog story! This book is also fun to read aloud. I plan to give it to our 7-year-old granddaughter. While the text is advanced for this age group, I know her parents will read it to her while she enjoys following along and admiring the beautiful drawings.”

- Colleen Eagle


“Adorable Dog/Human Story. I feel this book would be perfect for children, adolescents, and adults! The wording is a little more mature than most children’s books, but the story is for everyone who has rescued, loved, or lost a dog. The illustrations are unique and life-like, especially Charley’s eyes! Loved them!”

- Colleen


“A Touching Story. A Quilt for Charley is a must read for all dog lovers, regardless of age. It’s a wonderful story that teaches children about the special love and understanding between a pet and its owner, and reminds adults that adoption can be a healing and rewarding experience for everyone.”

- Rick Rohles


“Beautifully written and illustrated for children and adults alike, A Quilt for Charlie Is an endearing sequel to Karl’s diary. This short and heart-felt read teaches boundaries, realities of owning a dog, and all the blessings the love of a dog brings. You will enjoy hearing the story through Charlie’s voice, endearing him to readers on the first few pages. My grandkids are going to love this book written from the heart! Well done Sharon!”

- Book Babe


“Easy To Read and Heart Warming. A Quilt for Charley is an endearing story about the rescue of a shelter dog and the love and life he is given by his new family. This wonderfully written children’s book is easy to read while keeping the attention of young and old alike. This is a must have for your child’s bookshelf.”

- AW